Fraser Van Nuil - BEng (Hons)

QUALSURV Group of Companies:

Executive Consultant, QUALSURV Dispute Resolution

Personal Profile

Fraser Van Nuil

Fraser is a Civil Engineer with almost 20 years experience in construction who, in the formative part of his career, worked for contractors on large scale infrastructure projects including a number of years on the first phase of the Channel Tunnel High Speed Rail Link. He made the transition from contractor to consultant in 2007.

Fraser specialises in dispute resolution work and in particular, as an expert in matters of delay and programme, causation and its effect on time, cost and efficiency for a wide variety of construction projects. Fraser has substantive arbitration experience in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East. Fraser’s experience extends to drafting expert reports and the preparation of retrospective delay analyses using all techniques in common use.

Amongst other things, previous work has involved demonstrating the cause, extent and cost consequences of varied work, delay and disruption involving:

  • Mechanical and electrical services installations
  • Bulk earthmoving and major road works
  • Power stations
  • Gas platforms and pipelines
  • Reinforced concrete and composite structures
  • Clean/wastewater treatment plants

Fraser is familiar with the need to collaborate closely with legal counsel and other legal advisors and is used to working to the deadlines that the arbitration and litigation processes demands of the expert.

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