Robert Ryan - BEng (Hons)

QUALSURV Group of Companies:

Executive Consultant, QUALSURV Dispute Resolution

Personal Profile

Robert Ryan

Bob trained as an estimator for a regional building contractor. He later moved into Contract Management and was responsible for the management of all major construction work. He made the transition from contracting to consultancy in 1998. Since then he has specialised in disputes in connection with large International infrastructure contracts. He has performed this work in a wide range of jurisdictions and on a variety of projects that include but is not limited to:

  • Large road schemes - worldwide
  • Coal fired power station - S Africa
  • Airport - Hong Kong
  • High Speed rail in Taiwan
  • Concrete arch dam - Portugal
  • A tunnel - Hong Kong

Many of the above commissions were aimed at a dispute resolution process for which a methodology framed around the available data was designed and presented to the legal advisors for comment and approval. Bob is very experienced in designing such solutions and in presenting the preferred approach to this audience prior to the management and delivery of the work.

Bob has extensive experience in the UK Adjudication process and as part of that dispute resolution mechanism has worked with legal advisors such as Fenwick Elliott; Mayer Brown and Herbert Reed. Bob has also undertaken training seminars on the FIDIC form of contract and delivered jointly with a leading London Solicitor, seminars on the NEC 3 target cost form of contract.

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