Adjudication, Arbitration, Litigation & ADR

QUALSURV has significant and substantial knowledge, experience and success at adjudication, together with the necessary experience to manage most aspects of construction disputes at all stages of the process on behalf of either the claimant or respondent.

We fully support and guide our clients from initial planning for an adjudication action to preparation of formal submissions and representation at hearings.

The referral notice must be served within seven days of service of the Notice of Adjudication accompanied by documentation in support of the claim together with expert reports (if any) and witness statements. Our ability to respond and move quickly during this time period is second to none and is proven across all of our previous cases.

Whether working independently or as part of the client's team, our track record of achieving favourable adjudication decisions is excellent.

Arbitration & Litigation

When complex problems need resolving by legal process a competent team providing legal and technical expertise is vital if the best possible outcome is to be achieved.

Working alongside legal representation, QUALSURV provides technical insight and forensic analysis of the events leading up to and during the dispute – both from a time and quantum perspective.

Our track record and reputation for supporting clients and their legal representatives through to a favourable decision is first class.

With many years of experience both on construction sites and in formal proceedings, our consultants are able to share their knowledge and communication skills to the advantage of our client.

Alternative Commercial Contract Specialists

Differences of opinion or interpretation are not uncommon in the construction industry however, small issues can quickly become bigger issues and end up being costly problems to resolve.

Dealt with for example through mediation or some other form of ADR, the inconvenience and polarisation effect often associated with a dispute can be avoided. The hefty cost – not just legal expenses, but time, effort and resource too – can be avoided.

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