Specialists with strong interpersonal, communication and customer focussed skills

We provide tailor made innovative solutions and services.

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ITC Health Checks

Our team of experts review and assess quality and condition of existing systems with a view to efficiency, integration of services, system protection and risk avoidance.

Requirement Analysis

Determining customer needs and expectations assists in producing the most effective schemes. Linking all forms of communication into a single cost efficient integrated system, provides the infrastructure appropriate to the customer’s business requirements and future development.

Service Delivery

IT knowledge and expertise, combined with project management skills, are provided to oversee project delivery, management and maintenance.

Network Systems and Support

Business network development and support is provided at levels appropriate to individual requirements, backed up by advice and systems guidance, including data handling using interactive web based technologies.

Business Continuity Plans

Fundamental to business continuity is confidence that communications will not fail in the event of any emergency or disaster situation. Experienced professionals are available to provide guidance and support for development and implementation of business continuity plans.