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    Examples of some of the international projects in which QUALSURV's consultants have been involved.

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Project Portfolio

Examples of some of the projects in which QUALSURV's consultants have been involved

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Cross-Island Road Project, St Lucia


Provision of a new road to connect the north and south of the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Consultants were commissioned by the principal contractor to prepare a series of claims for the settlement of final account against the St Lucian authorities for delays and changes to the original design.

As with all such projects, we were commissioned to research the issues, analyse their time and quantum effects, then draw up a claims entitlement based on the terms and conditions. Our work enabled our client to enter the negotiation phases with confidence.

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Disneyland Construction Project, Hong Kong


Hong Kong Disneyland is a joint project by The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong government.

The commission by contractors working on the project was to prepare claims submissions against the developer for varied works associated with "front" and "back of house" sections of a number of the theme park constructions.

The consultants' involvement for the contractor provided the detailed information they needed to pursue claims submissions with confidence.

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High Speed Rail Link, Taiwan


The new high speed rail link was an ambitious construction project to connect both sides of the Island of Taiwan. It involved the wholesale construction of a rail link including elevated sections, stations and goods yards.

Consultants were commissioned to prepare claims by contractors working on civil engineering aspects of the rail line and a new station.

We provided the expertise necessary to research and prepare claims submissions against the developer for delays and earthquake damage.

Our work provided the contractors with detailed information that considered the issues, together with time and quantum effects, thereby providing an accurate summary of claims entitlements.

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Tower 101, Taiwan


Construction project for Tower 101 in Taiwan. For some time after its construction, Tower 101 was the tallest building in the world.

Commissioned by the principal contractor, consultants prepared claims entitlements in relation to a variety of matters including design changes and delays.

Our involvement required us to research and assess the issues, before drawing up a reasonable claims entitlement for the contractor to take to the negotiating table.

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Tunnel Construction Project, Singapore


This project was commissioned for the creation of a new tunnel in Singapore.

Consultants worked in conjunction with the tunnelling contractor to prepare significant time and cost claims against the employer for delays relating to ground conditions.

Our work involved researching the issues and their effects and compiling claims entitlements. Our consultants' expertise was invaluable in drawing up comprehensive, well-researched and reasonable claims entitlements to take forward.

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Q7 Offshore Wind Park bv, Holland


Holland's largest offshore wind farm was completed in June 2008 and consists of 60nr 2MW turbines located 23km off the Dutch coast in up to 23m of water. The Offshore Wind Park Q7, renamed Princess Amelia on opening, is a joint project of sustainable energy group Econcern, investment company Energy Investments Holding and utility Eneco. The project owners contracted marine contractor Van Oord to construct the foundations for the offshore wind farm and provide the electrical infrastructure. A separate contract was placed with world leading turbine manufacturer Vestas, to supply and install the towers and wind turbines.

QUALSURV involvement

QUALSURV provided specialist contract and commercial advice on behalf of the employer throughout the course of the construction phase of the project including agreement of variations, dispute resolution and critical path delay analysis.

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