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The consultants at QUALSURV have prestigious track records that give them the expertise and experience our clients require

Every solution has the full attention of a director and is tailored to meet the precise circumstances involved. As a result, much of our work comes from repeat business.

Risk Avoidance and Risk Management

Contractual Advice

Impartial advice and guidance is essential to ensure a clear and accurate view of any contractual issues. QUALSURV consultants are experienced in providing unbiased and realistic advice on international contractual matters.

Our consultants will provide as much or as little support as is needed.

This might simply mean advice and guidance. It might equally mean taking control of an issue through to final resolution.

Whatever the support needed, we will provide a task-oriented and focused approach which deploys resources and experience to deliver optimum solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

For a needs assessment and review, please contact us.

Programme Management

On international contracts, there is great potential for misinterpreted communication or differences of opinion to affect business interests and financial securities.

However, with the right support such as early warning procedures, good administration and robust notification processes, compliance with contractual requirements can be carefully managed and controlled.

To support companies in these areas, QUALSURV provides comprehensive programme management services covering:

  • preparation of as-built programmes
  • forensic analysis of construction delay
  • critical path analysis
  • extension of time and prolongation claims

To discuss how our programme management expertise could support your business, please contact us.

Commercial Management

Commercial management anticipates and mitigates against potential problems, addresses issues and minimises risk. Effective commercial management is an essential component of any successful construction project, particularly when working internationally.

QUALSURV provides this effective commercial management. Our consultants have the commercial experience and acumen to provide the level of support that’s needed.

Our services include:

  • comprehensive and informed tracking of commercial issues
  • advice on risk dissipation and resolution of contractual problems
  • assistance with preparation of risk related correspondence

For a confidential discussion of your commercial management requirements, please contact us.

Contractual Claims

QUALSURV has a well-deserved reputation for delivering successful claims management, delay analysis and dispute resolution.

The negotiation and investigative skills of our consultants enable us to provide practical and effective support.

To discuss your situation in relation to any contractual claim, please contact us.

Claims Management

QUALSURV International Commercial has the expertise to prepare and defend claims. By ensuring that our clients’ interests are managed sensitively and fairly, we bring claims to a firm and fair resolution.


QUALSURV International Commercial provides support for our clients from the initial planning for an adjudication action to the preparation of formal submissions and representation at hearings.

Arbitration and Litigation

Working alongside legal teams, QUALSURV International Commercial provides technical insight and detailed analysis of the events leading up to and during the dispute from both a time and quantum perspective.


Mediation provides the means to resolve a difference of opinion or interpretation without recourse to costly legal action. Our consultants offer fair and effective mediation and conciliation expertise to bring issues to a satisfactory conclusion.


QUALSURV creates bespoke training sessions for management teams in a number of commercial, contractual and technical areas. Led by our consultants, each session allows them to share their knowledge and experience with attendees.

The sessions are designed to increase in-house expertise and add value to a business. In this way, our clients are better prepared to identify risks and protect their business.

To discuss your training requirements, please contact us.

Expert Witnesses

QUALSURV consultants are often called on to act in construction arbitration and litigation cases. Providing informed and reliable evidence, they act as:

  • quantum experts
  • project management expertss
  • time and delay expertss

If you are looking for an expert to assist during formal proceedings, please contact us.

Construction Project Services

Project Management

QUALSURV has project managed numerous high profile developments and have an excellent reputation for delivering successful projects.

Providing support for all aspects of project management, including:

  • concept
  • planning
  • design
  • procurement
  • completion
  • client takeover

To discuss the project management support we offer, please contact us.

Employer's Representative

QUALSURV acts as the employer’s representative tailored to support a client’s specific needs.

Our consultants advise on the procurement of design, providing estimates of cost and time, evaluating proposed schemes or recommending the most appropriate contract strategy.

To discuss how our expertise could add value to your project, please contact us.

Planning and Programming

QUALSURV has a wide range of experience in planning and programming successful international construction projects.

Using commercially available planning software to support their work, our consultants assist clients in strategising, managing and coordinating projects in areas including:

  • preparation of detailed programmes for project delivery
  • day–to-day management of project planning including accommodating variations, mitigating delays, identifying acceleration options and adjusting tasks and dependencies.

To discuss your planning and programming requirements, please contact us.

HSQE Services

QUALSURV provides qualified and experienced staff, including CDM coordinators, to assist with the planning and management of health and safety matters.

Experts are also available to prepare, review and audit quality and environmental systems and procedures (including SWMPs) for construction projects.

To discuss your HSQE requirements, please contact us.

Construction Management

Management of the construction process is a complex task requiring a wide skill set. This is especially true of any international project.

Following years of experience in the field, QUALSURV has developed the skills necessary to provide effective construction management for planning and control of permanent and temporary works throughout the construction process.

To discuss construction management in relation to your project, please contact us.

Cost Management

QUALSURV has in-depth knowledge and understanding of contracting in the construction industry.

They bring this knowledge to bear when preparing accurate cost plans and budgets, together with construction project estimates. They also provide contract forecasting, risk analysis and account reconciliation.

Equipped with the information our consultants provide, our clients are able to deliver successful projects on budget.

To discuss how our cost management consultancy services could be used on your project, please contact us.