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Contractual Claims

QUALSURV has a well-deserved reputation for delivering successful claims management, delay analysis and dispute resolution.

The negotiation and investigative skills of our consultants enable us to provide practical and effective support.

To discuss your situation in relation to any contractual claim, please contact us.

Claims Management

QUALSURV International Consultants has the expertise to prepare and defend claims. By ensuring that our clients' interests are managed sensitively and fairly, we bring claims to a firm and fair resolution.


QUALSURV International Consultants provides support for our clients from the initial planning for an adjudication action to the preparation of formal submissions and representation at hearings.

Arbitration and Litigation

Working alongside legal teams, QUALSURV International Consultants provides technical insight and detailed analysis of the events leading up to and during the dispute from both a time and quantum perspective.


Mediation provides the means to resolve a difference of opinion or interpretation without recourse to costly legal action. Our consultants offer fair and effective mediation and conciliation expertise to bring issues to a satisfactory conclusion.

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